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Innovative Sound Designer with over 22 years game industry experience, seeking a position as part of a challenging, fast paced team to create truly extraordinary sound for AAA games.


2006- Present Vicious Cycle Software, Inc. Chapel Hill, NC

Senior Sound Designer 

  • Responsible for creating, editing, and mixing all sounds for games on multiple platforms. 
  • Process all dialog and import assets into the Vicious Engine for use in game.
  • Manage and prepare outsourced music assets for use in the Vicious Engine. 


2003- 2006                    Sony Computer Entertainment America San Diego, CA

Senior Sound Designer – Audio Post Group

  • Responsible for creating, editing, and mixing movie soundtracks for PS/2 titles.
  • Occasionally responsible for creating soundtracks for marketing and Cinematics Group related movies, commercials, television specials, and presentations.
  • Provide assistance on projects as required including creation of in-game assets, processing dialog, field recording, and assisting others with creation of assets.


2002-2003 Insomniac Games, Inc. Burbank, CA

Sound Designer

  • Responsible for creation and non-coded implementation of Sound Effects and Sound Banks on the PS/2 platform.
  • Used Proprietary tools to integrate sounds and animations for in game use.
  • Used Maya to add audio related assets for game levels - triggers and emitters for environmental audio.
  • Responsible for editing and mixing movie soundtracks for PS/2 titles.



2000-2001 Sound Werx Applied Technologies Wilmington, NC

Director of Operations

  • Responsible for daily production and technical operations in a Sound Studio.
  • Responsible for resource allocation and project management.
  • Developed, implemented, and administered an NT Server based network.
  • Performed all duties required as a Sound Designer/Recording engineer.

1993-2000                       MicroProse Software/ Hasbro Interactive Hunt Valley, MD

Senior Sound Designer

  • Responsible for creation, recording, processing and mixing of all digital audio assets for movie soundtracks using a variety of PC and MAC based hardware and software, including field recording, synthesis, sound libraries and Foley techniques.
  • Used Microsoft Office to provide appropriate documentation for projects and proposals.
  • Used in house tools and assembly language to create FM sound drivers.



Published titles includes numerous award winning and Hall of Fame winners:

God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Civilization II Test of Time, European Air War, Falcon 4.0, Gunship!, Magic: The Gathering, Civilization II + scenarios.  See attached list. 


Formal Education

1986 Lincoln Technical Institute Catonsville, MD

1984-1985 University of Maryland   Catonsville, MD


Software Proficiency

ProTools, Digital Performer, WaveConvert, Sound Forge, DirectX Plug-ins, Microsoft Office, proprietary audio tools (Sony Scream and Vicious Engine)


Hardware Proficiency

Responsible for care and maintenance of Macintosh Computers and Software and Audio Hardware (Basically the front line of IT support for Macs in the audio department)

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